Hacker targets 23,000 MongoDB databases to demand ransom

San Francisco, July 4 (IANS) A hacker was trying to extract money from administrators of around 22,900 MongoDB databases that are accessible without a password, said a media report.


India set for breaking new space horizons (Comment)

India has taken a historic stride towards opening up its space sector for private participation with the creation of IN-SPACe. I have met many exuberant youngsters in the past with eyes set on space who unfortunately could not walk through the system in the absence of a transparent policy framework. The initiative of our Hon'ble Prime Minister in bringing in a 'new space regime' has laid a solid foundation for India to multiply its capabilities in space by several fold. This new body would play a role of a guide for space entrepreneurs. Existing policies are being suitably tweaked to become more accommodative and inclusive, and less ambiguous. This makes it easier for the companies to obtain licenses and participate in end-to-end space activities.

This US company wants to fly people to edge of space

San Francisco, July 3 (IANS) If space tourism is in your bucket list, here comes some news that will excite you. A Florida-based startup is working towards sending people to the edge of space beneath a football stadium-sized high-performance balloon and pressurised capsule.