Don’t join agitations, sign petitions: Goa govt warns officials

Panaji, Sep 9 (IANS) The Goa government on Wednesday cautioned the state bureaucrats against participating in popular agitations and signature campaigns against it, warning of disciplinary action under civil service rules against erring officials.

“It is noticed that a number of government servants are getting involved in agitations/campaigns against government policies and signing petitions to that effect and submitting the same directly to the Governor and the Chief Minister without following the established practice of routing through proper channels, thereby bypassing higher authorities,” an order issued by the Vigilance Department said.

“It is enjoined upon all government servant to stick by the above rules and not to get involved in any agitations or campaigns which amount to criticism of government or sign and submit representatives without routing these through proper channels,” the order said, warning that such behaviour amounted to violation of Central Civil Service (Conduct) Rules, 1964.